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Different Types of Visas for Travel

Type of visa you choose depends on how long you want to stay in the country and the purpose of the stay. Here is a look at the different types of Australian visas:

Tourist Visa – This visa is valid for a period of 12 months, however, it is possible to obtain a tourist visa which is beyond the period of 12 months. Now it is possible to obtain a tourist visa online through the Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) NZ.

It is the most advanced provider of tourist visas and replace the label and stamp on the passport process. ETA issued in a matter of seconds by the system and links Australia's visa department with more than 300,000 travel agents throughout the work. You can browse for getting more knowledge about visa services online.

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Business Visa – Visa encourages business owners to develop new business in NZ and also settle their business in NZ to improve the country's economic development. They apply for a business visa must have a business with an annual turnover of more than A $ 500,000, which was supposed to have been released for two to four years, before the visa application. 

Working Holiday Visa – This visa is intended for those who want to holiday in Australia, but at the same willingness to take on jobs during their period of stay. Is valid for a period of twelve months, during which time the visa holder can take any form of work. working time is limited to a period of six months. Visa can also be used for the study, but the period of time for learning is limited to four months. It is necessary for the applicant to be about 18 years, to meet the requirements for the application and the maximum age limit is 30 years old this visa.

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