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Criteria to Calculate Solar Power Rebates

For a house owner, investing in a residential solar energy system could be costly. A grid tied-in solar power installation can cost upwards of $20,000. You can simply check-out best solar rebates via

Do you wish to reduce your house energy bills with solar energy? The guide will help you a lot. If you're planning to make an investment in green technologies for your home, you may apply for solar energy rebates. 

How can you figure out the solar Panels? Listed below are the criteria you need to contemplate.


1) Your home geographic place – This may take into account i.e statistical climate patterns in your town.

Each of the amounts combined provides a measure of how much solar energy you may anticipate in your home area in a specific calendar year. 

2) The dimensions and orientation of your solar modules – The very best sunlight exposure come out of a particular roof angle. The different angles will yield distinct solar output. To take pleasure and make the most of solar energy and solar rebates, your solar panel needs to be set up on specified angles. 

When the solar panels have been set up outside the specified angles, then the government will lower the subsidies paid out. 


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