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Considerate the Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program, or VWP, is a program that allows certain foreign nationals to visit the NZ for business purposes without applying for a visa B-1. This allows for some foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs to make "quick trip" to the NZ for professional and commercial events such as conferences, negotiating contracts, and other things that take less than 90 days.

With the VWP, citizens are eligible only have to get authorization from the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or ESTA, prior to visiting the NZ If approved, the person may come to the NZ without a visa B-1. Upon arrival, the person must enroll in NZ-VISIT program, which is a specialized information network that records biometric information such as fingerprints and other identifying information. You can browse for getting more information about visa service programs.

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This system not only prevents identity fraud but also help the government identify the people who have stayed too long. Once clear, you can remain in the NZ up to 90 days.

There are currently 36 countries whose citizens are entitled to come to the outside of the US for business purposes while through the visa waiver program. It is up to the NZ government to determine whether a country is eligible, and even if it meets all the requirements, it can still be rejected. NZ see things such as security measures, data sharing, border control, and counter-terrorism standards adopted by the state. Some countries whose citizens are entitled to VWP include:

Great Britain




South Korea



Of course, if the citizens of one of the VWP countries still want to apply for a visa, they are entitled to do so. In fact, they still have to apply for a visa if they plan to come to the US for other reasons, such as education.


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