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Components Of Scaffolding For Hire

Infrastructural development is the essence of growth of economy of any region. Increasing pace of economic development in Sydney has necessitated the need for building more infrastructural facilities such as roads, ports, offices and high rise buildings. With this, the demand for those operating in the construction service sector and ancillary service sector has increased. Scaffold Hire Sydney companies are one of such groups that have been benefited the most and whose importance has increased.

Scaffolding is required in every construction and repair job. It is basically a temporary structure used to support material and workforce to aid in the construction, repair and maintenance of structure. Scaffolding Hire Companies must ensure that scaffolds must be properly erected and installed, are tough and ensure safety of those working around it. Here are some of the components used to build scaffolds :


Tubes are the main part of scaffold and described as the primary structure of scaffold. It comes in variety of lengths but with a standard diameter. Tubes may be made up of steel, aluminium or a composite material. Professional scaffolding hire companies normally label the tubes for these being used in large quantity and potential risk of theft of tubes.


Couplers are basically joints that are used to put tubes together to make it into a scaffolding structure. Couplers are metal pieces, though not used in all types of scaffolds such as bamboo scaffolding. These fittings may be right angle, putlog or swivel couplers.


Boards are the platform settled on tubes that provide working space for workforce and to put tools and equipment for convenience. Boards are generally made of seasoned woods.

Ledgers,Standards and Transoms

The verticals scaffold poles that bear the weight are standards, horizontal poles are called ledgers and transom which is horizontal load bearing cross section component that holds the board.


Bamboos rather than being just a component are an individual scaffolding type. It replaces metal tubes with bamboo poles and are tied together with straps instead of couplers.

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