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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities provide one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial concepts in the modern era. This is considered by many to be the highest antidote to the financial security of an economy in which franchisees and franchisors both win.

The benefits of this unique combination are then transferred to the public. Commercial cleaning franchises offer a unique opportunity to focus on one of the most neglected segments of society.

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The commercial cleaning industry has more than 100 billion contracts and operates 25,000 franchise units and more than half a million small operators. A cleaning management survey in 2004 revealed that office buildings accounted for almost 53 percent of the total commercial cleaning industry.

Other hygiene sectors get an even market share which includes housing, schools, shops, hospitals, and hotels. According to a recent survey by the labor statistics bureau, service provider industries will supply 96 percent of job wages over the next five years. Likewise, employment prospects for this industry are positive for the next decade. Commercial cleaning and cleaning services will be one of the fastest-growing sectors.

There are many good commercial franchises to choose from. Whatever you do and whoever you choose has the advantage of having a commercial cleaning franchise is that you buy a successful idea.

You should know that management and support are ready to help you and small business loans are available for franchise opportunities.

It is a fact that a franchise business does not falter easily. Historical studies from SBA have revealed that only 5 to 6 percent of franchise businesses close in the first year compared to 62 percent of new businesses.

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