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Baby Health Care Before And After Birth

Baby health care is important from the time of pregnancy to the time of birth and until your child becomes an adult. During the pregnancy period, you should ensure that your fetus is well nourished in your body. 

This you will do by eating proper diets that are healthy for you and your unborn child. For example, during the early weeks of your pregnancy, you should eat diets with sufficient folic acids. This will help you ensure that the spinal cord of your baby is fully developing and the brain too. You can take help from best maternity hospitals and gynaecologists in Nairobi, Kenya.

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You do not want to give birth to a baby who has certain complications simply because you did not nourish him well while in the womb. Proper nutrition should continue even after birth for you to have a healthy baby.

You should avoid some of the things that you used to do or take when you were not pregnant to give birth to a healthy baby. Some of the habits will include going to nightclubs that play loud music.

This noise will interfere with the development of your baby hence going to such places should be out of the question. Alcoholic beverages are not advisable when you are pregnant. 

Medical care is important if your baby is to remain healthy. This will start from the time you are pregnant until the time the baby is delivered. It is important to go for all the vaccines that pregnant women are given when pregnant to protect themselves and the fetus.

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