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Avoid Safety Issues With Fuel Leaks On Your Subaru WRX

We noticed a problem with a lot of after-market pump a 500-horsepower, especially at turbo Subaru’s when we're doing an upgrade, because we have found that the plant pumps cannot provide enough fuel pressure that is reliable and running when you start spinning up power as a result of fuel leakage that may occur after making some modifications or change the fuel pump.

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To access the fuel pump in the '02 WRX models, for example, there is a cover on the floor under the rear seat, and also partly accessible from inside the trunk or boot. It gives you access to the top of the fuel tank, which has got some very small bolt that holds down the cover with the seals. Get to know more about via reading online.

You cancel the seal and pulled out the fuel pump to convert, and when it will come back together with you really put back the cover and seal can often slip or back in the correct location. You really do blind because you cannot see what you're doing because you're working from the top and you cannot see from the side of the tank because it is all up under the rear of the car.

This is a very easy trap for people to not put that seal back correctly and something to pay attention to every time you work with the fuel pump. The first sign of leakage is good when you fill-up the car full of fuel or if it has enough tank is full and you go for a drive and see signs of fuel spilled out around the side of the gas tank.

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