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Augmented Reality Marketing: How To Use This New Technology For Your Marketing Goals

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live view of the physical environment, complemented by computer-aided sensor input with audio, video, graphic, or GPS information. As a result, technology increases the perception of reality today. 

When AR is combined with mobile commerce or mCommerce, major retailers are at the forefront of packages and are deciding and planning their marketing strategies when using these systems. Augmented Reality Marketing is now being created as the new and hottest marketing technique out there. You can see some augmented reality marketing examples at

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By presenting AR with mobile applications, large retailers can get closer to their customers while creating a more engaging user experience when presenting their products and services. Augmented Reality Marketing fully enhances the shopping experience by skillfully capturing the attention of consumers and enabling them to virtually participate in the shopping experience.

A good example is a company that makes mobile AR apps for the iPhone, where the app accepts footage from eyewear companies and allows users to try out different frames and styles. This interesting application also allows users to send their photos via various social networks to get opinions from friends who can provide good advice.

This web-based mobile AR application resulted in a 50% increase in monthly sales for each company, while 30% of visitors participated in the AR offering. Large retailers are also experimenting with AR and eCommerce applications that allow consumers to try out jewelry virtually or even put on makeup.

Our entire shopping experience is currently being totally transformed by augmented reality marketing. Shopping not only becomes easier and faster, but it also looks a lot more attractive. For now, we're only looking at the tip of the iceberg of new and exciting approaches to avant-garde marketing.


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