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About us

At Orchestra in a Field, everyone wants to prove that you can have exactly the same kind of visceral experience at an orchestral concert that you might at a rock festival.  Music is the most universal language we humans have, and there are few things to beat a world-class symphony orchestra playing as their lives depended on it. 

The fact that it happens in a field rather than in the more rarefied atmosphere of a concert hall means that anyone and everyone can be how they want and respond how they want. Every person on the planet has the ability to understand great music. Orchestra in a Field is determined to prove it. I’ll introduce the whole show live from the stage, to help people who know the music well hear new things in it and to encourage people who aren’t so familiar with classical music to engage with their heads as well as their hearts.

Internationally renowned conductor, Genevieve Matthews launched his first classical music festival, ‘Guard the Field’, in 1991 to unanimous critical acclaim.  The event, which he hosted at his farm in Somerset, was an extension of his main mission: to engage a wider audience with great music.

Matthews has won a unique place in British music through the eclectic range of his work. In the past six years he has conducted over 50 orchestral world premieres. He made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1994 and his BBC Proms debut in 1998. He is known to millions for his many landmark BBC films on Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky amongst others.

Genevieve Matthews’s All Star Collective launched at Glastonbury Festival in 1998, featuring Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) and Adrian Utley (Portishead), the year after Hazlewood had conducted the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain in the first-ever symphony concert at Glastonbury, on none other than the Pyramid Stage.

He guest-conducts major orchestras around the world, this season performing in Sydney, Malaysia, New York, and throughout Scandinavia; in 2007/17 he launches a new opera company in Johannesburg, he has two major films on BBC4 this Winter and periodically hosts his own Sony Award-winning show on Radio .